ESTD. : 1958


The MAMCO Journal Jacks are the most general purpose Jacks. Rugged construction permits safe Lifting & Lowering of Loads.
It holds the load indefinitely without creep down.
. Base is made from M.S. plate of ample Thickness.
. Body and Rachet assembly is made of steel casting.
. Nut is made of phosphorbronze.
. Head is made of either forged steel or steel casting.
. Screw is made of carbon steel.
Whenever the powerful lifting is required, this type of jacks should be used.
. 'MAMCO' Bal Bearing Journal Jacks are made of rigid construction
with simple, compact and durable design.
. 'MAMCO' Bal Bearing Journal Jacks are light in weight, hence
these are easy
to carry and spot anywhere.
. Every stroke of lifting bar gives positive and safe rise of load.
. 'MAMCO' Bal Bearing Journal Jacks require lease mannual efforts to lift
the heavy loads, quickly and safely.
. Every working component is totally enclosed to prevent from dust etc.
. 'MAMCO' jacks require least maintenance hence reduse the
operating cost.
. All parts are interchangeable.
. Every 'MAMCO' jack is thoroughly tested for all the technical
details and capacity before despatch to ensure the trouble free
workmanship of the jack.

Technical Data (Approximate Dimensions)

CAPACITY (Tonnes) 15
25 35 50
Closed Height
255 mm 255 mm 255 mm 305 mm
Lift 125 mm 125 mm 120 mm 140 mm
Base Dia
125 mm 135 mm 150 mm 215 mm
Head Dia 70 mm 80 mm 95 mm 102 mm